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2022 was an amazing year for SVDP!


Our community was confronted with many obstacles in 2022.  Rising prices for gas, food, rent, utilities, and the impact of Covid, flu, allergies, flooding, and shortages.  It continues this year.  And yet through it all your heartfelt support has had a tremendous impact on our ability to support those in need.  Below is a brief summary of our activity for 2022.

We sincerely thank you for your support in 2022.  We look forward to your continued support in 2023 by volunteering, donating items to our thrift store, using the AZ Tax Credit to reduce your AZ Taxes, and of course your monetary donations.  Thank You!

Clients That Needed Our Help                                                     2021            2022

Clients That Visited Us                                                                    2,125            3,760

       # of Times Clients Visited Us                                                    3,492           8,188

Client’s Household Members                                                           5,171         10,633

       # of Times Household Members Provided Food                       7,621         21,751

New Clients                                                                                         481              846

Homeless Clients That Visited Us                                               No Data               576

       # of Times Homeless Clients Visited Us                               No Data            1,597

Store vouchers for backpacks, clothing, furniture, household     No Data            1,510

We provide families with food monthly, and the homeless on a weekly basis.  Clothing, furniture, household goods, hygiene items, and backpacks are provided as needed.   


Major Client Events of 2022

  • Easter Drive-through – 150+ Clients

  • Back to School clothing – 150+ Clients

  • Thanksgiving Drive-through – 200+ Clients

  • Christmas Drive-through – 200+ Clients


Improvements We’ve Made In 2022

Your generous donations allowed us to improve our infrastructure to meet the growing needs of the community.

  • New parking lot to improve safety and access for our clients

  • Upgraded client management software to handle the growth

  • Plumbing, heating, roof repair

We look forward to your continued support in 2023. 

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