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Your Compassion Deserves Some Credit

Your compassion for helping hungry people in 2024 could benefit you in a big way!  When you give to St Vincent de Paul Casa Grande for your 2023 AZ Tax Return, you're eligible for a dollar-for-dollar Arizona State Tax Credit.  AND REMEMBER: Arizona allows you to claim the St Vincent de Paul AND CTSO Tax Credit and other charitable organizations in the same tax year as listed in the Arizona Department of Revenue website.  Or download current list of organizations HERE.


Direct up to $841 for a Married credit, or up to $421 for a Single credit, to St Vincent de Paul-CG by check using the downloadable coupons in this PDF file. 

2023 Coupons


St Vincent de Paul-CG will send you a receipt for your 2023 donations.  You have until April 15 to donate to St Vincent de Paul-CG.  Download this 321 Tax Form.

321 Tax Form


File AZ Form 321 with your 2023 taxes or give your form to your tax preparer for filing.  Thank you for making a difference.  When filling out Form 321 use our Qualifying Charitable Code #20209.  Download these instructions for completing the form.

321 Instructions

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